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ADR Courier: Transporting Hazardous Goods

//ADR Courier: Transporting Hazardous Goods

ADR Courier: Transporting Hazardous Goods

Not all packages that need to be delivered are 100% safe to handle. If you have hazardous or dangerous goods to transport, you certainly need a logistics team that is properly qualified.

The good news is that at Courier Post our drivers are ADR trained and can handle all your transportation requirements in line with current EU and UK legislation.

What Is ADR?

As you might expect transporting hazardous or dangerous goods by road is governed by strict rules to ensure that safety is maintained at all times. If you have such goods or packages that need to be moved from A to B, then you have an obligation to make sure that you find a suitable courier service.

ADR qualified or trained drivers must be used. ADR stands for the European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Goods By Road. The majority of European companies, including the UK, are signed up to it and it has been around since the late 60s.

There are some key factors that you need to be aware of and comply with when it comes to transporting dangerous goods.

  • The first is that you must use a driver or courier firm that has drivers trained to carry such materials.
  • You must also have the right documentation for the particular dangerous substance or material that is being carried.
  • The transporting firm also needs to have a suitable vehicle for moving the goods from A to B, whether that’s locally or across national borders such as into Europe.

Our Transportation Team

The ADR certificate is required by drivers who are transporting hazardous goods in tanks or as packages. To get this certificate, they must have attended an appropriate  training course. These are designed to make the driver aware of the hazards involved in transporting these goods and the steps that must be employed to prevent a serious incident occurring. The courses also include gaining practical experience of handling certain dangerous goods.

We have ADR trained staff on board at the Courier Post which means you can be completely sure that your package is being handled safely and securely as it is delivered to its final destination. All our vehicles used to transport these materials undergo an annual safety check to ensure they are fit for purpose and our teams of drivers are regularly updating their skills when it comes to safety procedures.

Courier Post

At Courier Post, our aim is to provide you with the exact transportation you need to legally and successfully move your delivery from one location to another. Our friendly team of support staff will be able to advise you on all aspects of transporting hazardous or dangerous deliveries and the safety procedures that we put in place.

We are able to deliver throughout the UK and across Europe and have a wide range of vehicles suitable for almost any need. If you’re package requires an ADR trained driver, then we can certainly help you deliver.

Contact our team today to find out more.

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